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80’s Themed Party

80’s Party – DJ Essex

This month we provided the entertainment for an 80’s themed party. It was all 80’s, all night! With 80’s Fancy dress, 80’s decor and 80’s music.

The whole night was brilliant, lots of guests turned up dressed as their favourite 80’s icons. We are used to dipping in and out of different decades at our gigs, we often get asked to play a section of 80’s music at a party or Wedding, we have never played it all night… until now!! We both love 80’s music, so this was a great opportunity for us to dig out all the classics.

There are so many gems some of us forget about, we spent a long time on this particular playlist as we knew once we have nailed the playlist we can always use it again at different events. For us knowing our music is a very important part of what we do, At many gigs we have people say “can you play some 80’s” sure we can!!! But what does that individual like? 80’s music has many different styles and sub genres…. 80’s Pop, Electronic 80’s, 80’s Rock etc etc, this means a whole night of 80’s music can be done, but has to be thought or correctly. After making our playlist and getting to the gig we was very impressed with the decor, there was a giant rub cube made from different coloured balloons and different 80’s memorabilia as table decorations.

Below is a video of how our all 80’s night went:

if you are interested in having an 80’s party please get in touch and find out how we can take you on a music journey of your favourite decade. We offer DJ services all across Essex and beyond.