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UV Glow Party – DJ Essex

UV Glow Party – Let it Glow

Ultra Violet Glow parties have always been a specialty of SX Disco, this year they have become more popular than ever. Why are they so popular? Well I guess its because its a very cool easy effect to achieve. We use the brightest UV lights available, we play the most up to date music and remixes add in our lighting all you need to add is a dark room, some glow decorations, some glow wear and away you glow!!!

We always give our clients plenty of advice when it comes to UV glow parties, we know what works and what doesn’t. We know how much people love their music, we always work very closely with our clients to ensure we will play all their favourite tunes at their party or event.

UV Glow parties are ideal for any party that wants to be a bit different. They are very popular with 13th Birthday parties, 16th & 18th Birthday parties but to be honest it can work for any party.

UV Glow Party Essex – Our Glow Party Setup

Below are some photos of our UV glow party setup. All of our glow parties come with a minimum of 2 high power UV glow wash lights and 4 UV Glow Room lights.


UV Glow party Essex – Look at them Glow!

Below are some photos from just some of our UV Glow parties

For more information on how to create the best UV Glow parties contact us by email, phone or text.