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We LOVE Weddings

We LOVE Weddings – SX Disco -Essex Wedding DJ

It’s True, We really do LOVE Weddings. We love being part of a couples special day, seeing all the family and friends of the couple sharing a great day and partying together all night long.

Our Approach to Weddings

With all Wedding booking we always recommend that we meet our wedding couples. Sometimes this happened before a booking, other times this happens just after a booking. If this happens before a booking its usually to discuss what services we can offer a couple of their special day, this gives the couple the opportunity to see if we are the right DJ service for their big day. If they think SX Disco is for them we would then get them booked in and arrange another meeting with them nearer to their big to discuss the requirements of the day and evenings entertainment. If a couple has already booked us from what they like on our website and social media sites we would always offer them a meet up with us to discuss their big day, and more importantly put faces to emails. We feel its very important to meet your DJ. The entertainment for your Wedding is a very important part of the whole day. its usually the bit that people will remember well as its the last section of the wedding. Once we have met with a couple we encourage you to stay it touch with us, you can do this by simply checking our social media every known again on the lead up to your big day, or just firing over a text message.

Your Wedding deserves your favorite Music

We know how much people love their music. The music is the most important part of your Weddings entertainment. A couples tastes in music will always be discussed in detail when we meet, the likes, dislike and all time favourite tunes. The aim of this is to build up a music profile of each couple, this then enables us to be able to create a playlist to be played on the night of their Wedding packed full of tunes we know they will love. Although we like to work from a playlist we would never just stick to a playlist playing one song after another. A wedding night is completely unique, we always want to take our audience on a journey with music. We always play to the people in the room and are happy to take requests from wedding guests if the Wedding couple would like.

Below are some photos of just some of our Weddings


Below is a video of just some of our Weddings